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  • 2 x per day mucking out (shavings, straw)

  • 3 x per day feeding (hay, oats, muesli)

  • Paddock service

  • Service for walker and treadmill

  • Lunging

  • Training for riders and horses (dressage and showjumping, also for ponies) 

  • Showing horses and ponies at competitions

  • Clinics (dressage and showjumping)

  • Training camps

  • Help in any horsemanship or grooming demands (e.g. transports)

  • Advice for optimal feeding, equipment, training and show plan, buying or selling a horse etc.)

  • Breaking in and producing young horses  

  • Presenting your horse or pony for sale

  • Commission and sale of sport and leisure horses and ponies

  • Services such as clipping, assisting the black smith and at vet inspections 

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