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  • Indoor arena 20 x 55 m, professional footing, sprinkler system, daily soil management

  • Outdoor arena 35 x 70 m, professional footing as well, sprinkler system, daily soil management

  • Lunging Arena

  • Covered walking machine

  • Treadmill Horse Gym 2000

  • Stunning riding terrain next to the stable without any roads inbetween

  • Large outside and paddock boxes

  • Seahorse Suits: Extra big paddock boxes with a view for your horse

  • Overnight stabling

  • Guest rooms and appartements

  • 8 hectares of grass and sand paddocks (separately or in groups), directly on the yard

  • Fireplace room with balkony and view into the indoor arena and over the outdoor arena, the paddocks and the lake

  • Lounge area at the lake

  • Video surveillance on the whole estate

  • Private parking on the barn

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