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Become a volunteer at the

Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

From rags to VIP. This is possible as a volunteer at the SEAHORSE SUMMER SESSION 2025.

For our event we rely on a lot of man power, but also women's power! Only with enough helpers can we organize a tournament that does justice to sponsors, riders and spectators. That's why we want to entice you with a special offer to actively support us: WIf you register as a helper and work at least three shifts, you will receive a full VIP package from us with reserved tables at the jumping area (Thurs-Sun) including service from Francesco Peschla's team (Sat-Sun) and delicious appetizers. The idea: For example, you do your duty in the morning and enjoy all the benefits of being a VIP in the afternoon. But even if you would like to work fewer than three shifts, you are warmly invited to join the Seahorse team. We are grateful for every support!

We hope that we can win you over and look forward to welcoming you to the VIP area - whether as a partner or volunteer. 

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